Primary Grades/Intervention Dual Education (Pre K-5) Bachelor’s Degree

Nurturing the Future: Teach and Empower

Do you want to dedicate your life to empowering the minds of the future? Our Bachelor of Science in Education, Primary Grades/Intervention Dual Program is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge and confidence required to inspire and educate students from preschool to grade 5. Participate in inclusive field experiences and rigorous coursework, imparting current educational theories, methods and practices.

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Transform Lives as a Primary Educator

Making a Difference, One Student at a Time

Prepare for a rewarding career shaping lives as a primary grades teacher and intervention specialist. As a graduate of our program, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to teach in preschool to grade 5 classrooms while also serving as a primary intervention specialist. You’ll have unparalleled opportunities to change lives by working with students who have diverse learning needs, empowering them to reach their full potential. Become the advocate they need, promoting inclusivity and individualized education while fostering strong relationships that create supportive learning environments. This is more than just a career – it’s your chance to make a tangible difference every day.

Program Benefits

Program Benefits

What To Expect

A Rewarding Career Shaping Lives

Prepare for a fulfilling career as a primary grades teacher and intervention specialist. Our program offers comprehensive training to teach in preschool to grade 5 classrooms and serve as a primary intervention specialist. You’ll gain a deep understanding of special education, including how to develop individualized education programs, foster inclusive classroom environments and collaborate with parents and professionals to advocate for your students. With hands-on experiences and rigorous coursework, you’ll be well-prepared to address the individual learning needs of each student and help them succeed in both academic and social-emotional domains.

About Ashland University

Founded in 1878, Ashland University continues to have a rich tradition as a private, comprehensive institution preparing students for exciting, impactful professions and careers. Your success is our goal, not just while you are a student but for the rest of your life as a member of the Eagle family.

We place a great emphasis on the importance of each member of our community. The phrase “Accent on the Individual ” has been our motto for many years and characterizes well the nature and content of both the online and campus environment.

We promise to teach you how to think, not what to think. We promise to work with you to create an individualized plan for your future, and we promise you an affordable education. We promise you will be guided by mentors invested in you as an individual. They will, within a diverse community of respect, design personalized transformative experiences to develop you as a person who works, serves and leads with integrity. And we promise you a lifelong commitment as we continue to help you discern your life calling and make a positive impact on your family, community and the world at large.

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