School Nurse Certificate Program

Transform the Way Schools Approach Health.

The importance of highly-qualified school nurses has never been greater, especially now when student health is a priority at the national level. The School Nurse Certificate Program opens the door for you to start a career as a School Nurse.

The School Nurse Certificate Program at Ashland University is an online, graduate-level education program designed to open unique opportunities for you to make a difference in the health of students outside of a healthcare setting. Ideal for registered nurses with a bachelor’s degree interested in pursuing graduate-level education in a flexible online environment and completion of an internship in your current school or school near you. This program meets the educational standards to apply for the Ohio Professional Pupil Services license as a School Nurse.

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School Nurse Certificate Program

Are You Called to Support the Health and Academic Outcomes and Promote the Success of All Students?

As a society, we owe it to every child to give them the opportunity to achieve their highest potential. Over the last few years, research has shown the importance of training and education in the School Nursing profession. That’s why our School Nurse Certificate program is focused on one thing: giving every student an equal opportunity to succeed. Studies reveal that Licensed School Nurses are more effective than those with lower qualifications at helping students return to class where they can continue their education.

Our online School Nurse Certificate Program will prepare you for the demands of a career in specialty nursing practice, providing you with a knowledge and skills needed to guide students toward wellness and promote the health and academic outcomes of all students. This program is designed for those whose calling in life is to make a lasting difference in the lives of students, while pursuing graduate level coursework.

About the School Nurse Certificate Program

In this online program, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in School Nursing. Ashland University’s School Nurse Certificate program is designed to provide a hands-on, comprehensive education that you can complete in 13 to 16 credit hours — in as few as six to eighteen months.

Our revised curriculum is aligned with the Scope and Standards of Professional School Nursing Practice and the NASN (School Nursing Practice FrameworksTM) to provide a professional foundation and best practices to thrive in your role as a School Nurse.

As part of the School Nurse Certificate program, you’ll receive the educational preparation to obtain an ODE Professional Pupil Services License as a School Nurse. You can enter the program at 5 different times during the year and enjoy flexible courses offered every 8 weeks. Choose how many courses you want to take at a time and complete your course work when it’s convenient for you, your work schedule and your family.

No matter how quickly you choose to move through the program, you’ll have countless opportunities to gain knowledge and skills in professional school nursing practice.

Licensure Disclosure: This program is for students who intend to seek employment in Ohio and only prepares students for licensure in the state of Ohio.

Why Ashland University?

Ashland University’s School Nursing program is designed by experts in health, education, wellness and school nursing practice. We’ve communicated with professionals in education and nursing to refine our School Nurse Certificate program to ensure you’re equipped with the skills, tools and information you need to succeed in your role.

One of the primary advantages of this program is the option to take additional classes to complete a Master’s in Education in Adult Education with a School Nurse cognate. Upon completion of this program, you’ll be halfway to earning an advanced degree.

Our online School Nurse Certificate program is approved by the Ohio Department of Education. We are also recognized by The Higher Learning Commission. 

The Benefits of Ashland University’s Online School Nurse Certificate Program

Master of Education in Adult Education Benefits

What to Expect

In this program, you’ll learn how to practice independently as a Licensed School Nurse in the State of Ohio. You’ll be equipped with graduate-level coursework and preparation to obtain Ohio Department of Education licensure that not only qualifies you for an advantageous career, but also empowers you to make a real and lasting difference in the health and well-being of local students. Your online classes and custom-designed course load are designed to meet your individual needs while equipping you for your roles and responsibilities as a School Nurse. Your online experience will focus on you as an individual, specifically as it applies to your skills, experience and goals for your degree.

Those who complete the School Nurse Certificate program are positioned well to advance in their careers and make a lasting difference in the lives of students.

Courses begin every eight weeks, which means that this program is completely tailored to your schedule. Finish in as few as six to eighteen months.

About Ashland University

Founded in 1878, Ashland University continues to have a rich tradition as a private, comprehensive institution preparing students for exciting, impactful professions and careers. Your success is our goal, not just while you are a student but for the rest of your life as a member of the Eagle family.

We place a great emphasis on the importance of each member of our community. The phrase “Accent on the Individual ” has been our motto for many years and characterizes well the nature and content of both the online and campus environment.

We promise to teach you how to think, not what to think. We promise to work with you to create an individualized plan for your future, and we promise you an affordable education. We promise you will be guided by mentors invested in you as an individual. They will, within a diverse community of respect, design personalized transformative experiences to develop you as a person who works, serves and leads with integrity. And we promise you a lifelong commitment as we continue to help you discern your life calling and make a positive impact on your family, community and the world at large.

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