School Superintendent License

Further develop your skills and get the necessary license to lead your school system forward

If you have a vision for the future of your school district, leading from a superintendent role can be a powerful step for both your career and the educators around you. Built to give you the management and leadership skills necessary to fulfill an administrative role, our program will allow you to find success at the next level.

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Advance Your Career–and the Future of Education in Your Area

Take the next step toward your career beyond the classroom. This program will equip you with the knowledge, skills and strategies necessary to bring change and solid leadership to your educational system. Gain insight into the role and responsibilities with individual attention from faculty, and create lasting professional connections with peers across the state.

Licensure Disclosure: This program is for students who intend to seek employment in Ohio and only prepares students for licensure in the state of Ohio.

About the Program

The School Superintendent License program builds on your completed coursework from your M.Ed in Educational Leadership and administrative licensure program. It’s designed to provide you with an understanding of changing school district organizations and helps you develop the processes needed to gather, analyze and use data for ethical, relational and relevant decision-making.

Program Benefits

Program Benefits

What To Expect

Required for Licensure as a School Superintendent:

  • EDAD 691 – The Superintendency   
  • EDAD 693 – School Finance & Economics
  • EDAD 694 – Organizational Management, Seminar & Internship for Superintendents (Must be taken through Ashland University)
  • EDAD 698 – Personnel and Resource Manage
  • EDAD 699 – Special Topics: School Safety


Required Principal and CIPD Licensure Coursework:

  • EDLS 601 – The Visionary School Leader (Must be taken through Ashland University)
  • EDLS 602 – Managing Fiscal Resources (Must be taken through Ashland University)
  • EDLS 603 – Managing Human Resources (Must be taken through Ashland University)
  • EDLS 622 – Transforming Organizational Climate & Culture (Must be taken through Ashland University)
  • EDLS 633 – Safety & Crisis Management for Educational Leaders (Must be taken through Ashland University)
  • EDLS 641 – Professional Development in Action (Must be taken through Ashland University)


*Prospective superintendent candidates with an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership or Educational Administration with a P-12 focus do not have to have transcripts evaluated, while others will be required to. Additional coursework may be required.

About Ashland University

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